Educational Management System

Explicitly build for all school, college and institution management. It is very hassle-free and effortless to install, maintain and learn. It profusely matches all education management needs with user-defined data.

ERP System

It is a complete integrated system that organizes all Facets of institutional management such as aligning financial management, Admission Module, Certificate Automation Module, fee management module.

Advanced Technology

Technology that is commonly known as cutting edge or high technology reflects the latest trends. Advanced technology is very beneficial in knowledge retention, encourage individual learning and improve engagement.

Access A3

SEED application equipped with attributes like usability, supportability, reliability, and functionality. And, these attributes make SEED convenient to customers. Therefore, they can access this application anywhere, anytime and with any device.

Online SAS

ETSEED doesn’t compromise on data quality and security online. It always works towards data reliability and gives you 24/7 access to your account to browse legitimate data with any device from anywhere.


Software that is installed and run on hardware located within the premises of the company. Internet technology (IT) staff can directly control the configuration as it has physical access to the data.

Mobile App

A mobile app can be explained as a type of application software which is designed to run on any smartphone or tablet. ETSEED mobile app gives you access to use your account with any device.


ETSEED is educational software which is a brainchild (Rupa Kalpana) of Ensnare. This software is a massive and all-encompassing term which includes everything right from classroom management software, reference management software, student information system to educational software. ETSEED has several core modules such as user management, fee management, interactions, master setups, institution management, academic administration, and academic inquiry management. ETSEED is committed to the long-term and business success of each of its customer. It is very beneficial for institutional management higher heads. These groups utilize ETSEED app to improve their educational experience, facilitate communication and minimize inefficiencies.


With the help of ETSEED, teachers and administrators can create content manage classrooms, house-school related data, and share lessons. On the other hand, students use ETSEED for consuming curated content, take exams, study and lesson plans. ETSEED also understands parents concern and that’s why it provides a connection to both teachers and administrators. Parents leverage this connection to ensure that their children are getting help which they need the most. And, in this way, they stay on top of their children’s performance. ETSEED provides such solutions which provide countless benefits to the users. These benefits range from content distribution, improved visibility to better communication channels and analytics.

Apart from such benefits ETSEED also provides enhanced communication, consolidated data and information, improved efficacy and efficiency. Overall, ETSEED is a very user-friendly application because it gets you all important information like students, fees, attendance and highly secured with role-based logins in one click. It is an ERP software which follows A3 which implies anyone can access this application from anywhere at any time with any device. It has a very attractive option of customization while creating fee profiles.

ETSEED Core Modules

Institution Management

Institution Management

Institution management, with more than 1 branch under the institution often find it difficult to manage multiple branches.

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User Management

User Management

User Management is very important, keeping the fact in mind that there would be different roles & different users of multiple things under an branch

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Academic Enquiry Management (AEM)

Academic Enquiry Management (AEM)

Academic Enquiry Management function of ETSEED enables management to take care of new enquiries for new admissions where they can easily

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Academic Administration

Academic Administration

Academic Administration covers all aspects related to academics like enrollment, batch transfer, Time table planner, Lesson planner &

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Fee Management

Fee Management

Fee management modules help management to take care of most tedious task of collection of Fees, Dues, raising late fee reminders, Discounts for

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Interactions | ETSEED SMS settings


Interaction between management, staff & parents is the key to successful institute which can be done easily by Using ETSEED. This section allows

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Master Setups

Master Setups

The Master Setup section includes every information regarding academic batch, fee management, and API’s settings. It is the most

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ETSEED Customer Say's

“ETSEED is highly advanced technology with low budget also highly secured and user friendly. One beautiful option is very impressive, that customization option while creating fee profiles(concession and installments).”


Damodar Veer

Branch manager

“It is very user friendly application, with one click all imports like students, fee, attendance, highly secured with role based logins, customization available and it is having dynamic reports.”

etseed erp

Sai Sameer V

Marketing manager

“This ETSEED ERP software is following A3, we can access this application from Any where, any time and any device, very impressive, mobile app also available with very low price, user friendly form based application ”

School administration Software

Mounika G

School Admin

ETSEED Partners



On internet affiliate marketing is one of the oldest marketing channels which has a very firm and stable base for many years. Affiliate partners are those legitimate partners who lend a hand to take ETSEED to the path of success. They have innovative thinking and quality.

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Referrel Partners

Referrel Partners

ETSEED has numerous referral partners who are well connected, a great influencer, put a premium on referrals and have huge compelling power. They exert great influence on potential buyers and believe in the power of referrals. They also believe in incredible connections.

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1. How ETSEED does ensure our data confidentiality?

Our application is highly secured, we used all advanced and latest technologies in the current market, to make it more reliable right from the UI point.

2. How does ETSEED handle multiple branches?

Every branch is a different entity, In ETSEED under one institution or society you can create multi branches, One society- multi branch

3. Do I need internet connection to access ETSEED?

Yes, you required internet connection to access ETSEED from any browser(chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer)

4. Did ETSEED will allow different devices to access the application?

Yes, ETSEED will allow different devices, it follow ACCESS A3, (Anywhere, anytime, any device),

5. Is data backup facility is available?

Yes, ETSEED is having data backup facility, Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all.

6. Did ETSEED have Portal access?

Yes, we have portal access (student parents guardians etc)

7. Is Data migration process is available in ETSEED?

Yes, ETSEED is having data migration option

8. Can I Resell this ETSEED software?


9. ETSEED is having any Hidden charges?