about etseed


ETSEED is educational software which is a brainchild (Rupa Kalpana) of Ensnare. This software is a massive and all-encompassing term which includes everything right from classroom management software, reference management software, student information system to educational software. ETSEED has several core modules such as user management, fee management, interactions, master setups, institution management, academic administration, and academic inquiry management. ETSEED is committed to the long-term and business success of each of its customer. It is very beneficial for institutional management higher heads. These groups utilize ETSEED app to improve their educational experience, facilitate communication and minimize inefficiencies.


With the help of ETSEED, teachers and administrators can create content manage classrooms, house-school related data, and share lessons. On the other hand, students use ETSEED for consuming curated content, take exams, study and lesson plans. ETSEED also understands parents concern and that’s why it provides a connection to both teachers and administrators. Parents leverage this connection to ensure that their children are getting help which they need the most. And, in this way, they stay on top of their children’s performance. ETSEED provides such solutions which provide countless benefits to the users. These benefits range from content distribution, improved visibility to better communication channels and analytics.

Apart from such benefits ETSEED also provides enhanced communication, consolidated data and information, improved efficacy and efficiency. Overall, ETSEED is a very user-friendly application because it gets you all important information like students, fees, attendance and highly secured with role-based logins in one click. It is an ERP software which follows A3 which implies anyone can access this application from anywhere at any time with any device. It has a very attractive option of customization while creating fee profiles.